How to collaborate on a processing activity?

In this article we will find out how to share a processing activity with a collaborator.
sharing of processing

UTOPIA is a collaborative solution and it allows sharing a processing operation with collaborator in a simple way to give them the opportunity to suggest changes.


To share a processing operation with a new collaborator, just:

●    Open the processing operation from Registers > Processing operations > Shares

●    Add a new collaborator via email

The collaborator will receive an invitation email through which it will be able to change only the processing operations it has been granted to.

Furthermore, all changes must be approved by the owner of the domain or by an admin user. To learn more about Approvals click here.

Advanced sharing tools

To manage collaborators users simply go to Settings > Users menu

In addition to the individual processing activity, you can also share al processing operations of an entire organization or a single record of processing.

For more information about user management click here.

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