Organization chart and procedures

Two very important sections of UTOPIA in which you can manage both technical and organizational measures.
Organizational measures
Organization chart and company procedures
Two very important sections of UTOPIA where to manage the organizational security measures necessary to comply with the principle of accountability

Organization chart

Creating the organizational structure, in addition to lay out the company profile, also help to manage all individuals involved in the processing of personal data such as the authorized persons and the designated.

To manage the organization chart enter an organization, click Organizations chart tab and use the (+) button to add a new element or open an existing one to edit.

Elements of the organization chart

For each element of the chart you can also add the authorized persons (specifying the tax identification number, email and tasks). Remember that after linking he or she in a processing activity here you will see the list of those in which he or she is involved.

To manage the company organization chart you also have some useful features: 

  • % completion: shows the percentage of data completion
  • Delete button: used to delete an element of the chart
  • Graphic format: to see a picture of the entire organization chart (you must link elements).
  • Download image: to download a copy of the organization chart as an image and use it, for example, in other documents.


Another important section, designed to store the privacy documentation of the company where you can attach different types of documents such as company policies, guidelines, internal regulations or instructions to processing as required by Art. 29.

For each one specify:

  • Name and description of the document
  • Version number
  • Release date

Finally, upload the document in any format and download when you need it.

List of company procedures
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