How does a processing operation approval work?

In this article we will talk about the workflow for approving processing operations
How do they work and to whom are they referred?

UTOPIA makes it possible to manage two types of users. Administrators users, that have full access to data and collaborators that can suggest changes to a specific processing operation.

The main difference between the two categories is in the limited autonomy in terms of decision-making that collaborator have when it comes to making changes. Every suggested change must be approved by administrators before it takes effect.  


You can add a collaborator:

  • From the Sharing section of a processing operation card
  • From the Settings > Users menu

In both cases, you must specify the full name and a valid email address so that UTOPIA can send an email to invite them to create their personal account.

At this point, the collaborator will be able to suggest changes to processing operations.  

All suggested changes must be approved. To do so simply go to Approvals menu, choose a processing operation and:

  • Approve changes field by field
  • Approve all changes at once
  • Reject all at once

Thanks to the approval workflow, you have full control of all suggested changes.

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