Templates of processing activities records

In this article we will talk about the steps needed to speed up the creation of the register of processing activities, starting from a template.
Record of processing template
When and how to use it
Once the appropriate template has been identified and created, you only need to complete it with specific information.
For those who manage similar organizations, in terms of characteristics and economic activity, we have created a function that allows you to save valuable time starting from a template.

How and when to use them

The creation of a template is effective and useful when managing organizations similar in nature and economic activity.

In these cases, whether they are companies or public administrations, the processing activities are almost the same or very similar.

To clarify the concept we can take the example of a municipality.

Regardless of size and location, all municipalities have recurring and similar types of processing activities.

For example, in the case of management of several municipalities, the user has the advantage of creating, starting from the processing activities, a register template to be applied to all organizations of the same type.

In this way it is possible to create a multitude of registers in a short time.

How do you create the template?

To create a register template go to the Registers > Template menu.

Click the (+) button, enter the name of the register template and choose the economic activity of your interest.

Due to the nature of the template and the need to reuse it, you will notice that it only contains the essential information of processing activity:

  • General information: description, processing modes and notes on the availability of data
  • Purposes and categories: it indicates the purposes of data processing and the types of personal information collected
  • Legal basis: it indicates the legal basis related to each purpose
  • Categories: description of data subjects, but also of personal data and recipients
  • Retention: it indicates the data retention for each category of personal data

Use of the template for a new register

Once the template is ready, it can be used for any organization with same economic activity.

Go to section Registers and click the (+) button then New register from template.

UTOPIA will ask you:

  • whether you are acting as data controller or as data processor
  • office of the organization (if applicable)
  • the economic activity of the organization according to NACE - V2 classification

You will then be prompted to choose the registry template previously created and in seconds all the processing activities of the template will already added to the new register.

An excellent starting point to start with the compilation of the register of processing activities

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