How does the UTOPIA PRO subscription plan work and how do I purchase it?

In this article we will talk about the subscription plan UTOPIA PRO
How does it work and how do you purchase it

If you are a professional offering privacy services, the UTOPIA PRO subscription plan is perfect for you.

UTOPIA adopts a try-and-buy model. We provide all users with 14 days of free trial during which you can use UTOPIA without any limitation. At the end of the trial period, if you want to continue to use all the compliance services, you will need to purchase a subscription plan.

The pricing model is monthly or annual, and in the case of an annual subscription the price drops according to the number of organizations for which you want to activate the services of UTOPIA. For all the details on prices, click here.

What is an organizations?

It's simple, organizations are your customers.

Now let's see an example of purchase in the case of two or more organizations.

If you want to activate UTOPIA’s services for 3 of your customers, for example, you can just purchase them by following the guided procedure in the Subscription menu. You can choose:

  • An annual plan taking advantage of the discounts reserved for you
  • Or a monthly plan

If you choose the annual plan, the price for each customer will be €15/month (with a saving of €420/year * customer). The next year, the plan will be automatically renewed and if the total number of customers you manage has increased, for example up to 11, UTOPIA will automatically recalculate the price for each customer to €9/month (with a saving of €492/year * customer).

This way, as your business grows greater discounts will be applied, up to a net saving of 90%.

At any time you can buy new organizations, monthly or annually, or cancel an active subscription. In the latter case, the organization will remain active until its natural expiry date. All your data will still be available even after the cancellation (for 90 days), and you will be able to export them in CSV format at any time.

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