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Achieve and prove GDPR compliance for privacy management

The cloud software solution designed for Consultants, Companies and Public administration.

Build the Record of Processing Activities
Create authorization ad designation documents
Generate Privacy Policy documents
Execute the Data Protection Impact Assessment
Track any kind of Data Breach
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Strengthen citizens' trust towards who processes their personal data.
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What you can do with UTOPIA

Track any kind of
data breach

Analyze, track and communicate
any kind of data breach.

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impact assessment

Schedule, execute and review
the impact assessment.

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export PRIVACY
POLICy documents

Get customizable privacy policy documents in a few clicks.

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Build the record
of processing

Create and export records for
data controllers and processors.

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Keep track of all the tools you
use to process personal data.

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COMPANY profile

Locate headquarters, offices, and all the figures of the organization.

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Lay out the company profile

Knowing the company is essential. UTOPIA provides you with the tools to collect, manage and organize the data that represent it.

Store basic data

Store personal and contact data from headquarters, branch offices and much more.

Create the organization chart

Add GDPR specific organization chart elements and managers, authorized persons and system administrators.

Manage external processors

Manage storage of the basic data and attach documentation. Generate the designation contract in Word (.docx).

Designate the DPO

Specify the internal or external Data Protection Officer (DPO) and attach all contractual documentation in any format.

Export designation documents

Generate processing authorizations and designation contracts for third parties pursuant to Art. 28 and 29 of the GDPR.

Store and manage company assets

An asset is a container of personal data, a valuable resource. UTOPIA helps you to map, organize and manage them.

Use a pre-built inventory

Load assets from a pre-built large inventory and specify who they belong to: controller, processor or sub-processor.

Manage large groups

Save time by generating up to 500 assets in one shot.

Accurately localize them

Specify where they are located and in which office. A high level of detail makes the difference. It allows you to have everything under control.

Export in Excel format

Export company assets in Excel format (.xlsx) for offline processing or to import them into external systems.


Build the record of processing

The creation of the record of processing is the primary obligation of the GDPR. With UTOPIA you can build it from scratch or from existing templates.

Identify processing activities

Build record of processing both as controller and processor. Choose processing operations from a large built-in library.

Use customizable templates

Create record of processing templates based on the economic activities of organizations. Duplicate and reuse them when you need.

Calculate the risk value

Specify the impact and likelihood of threats. Knowing the risk of a processing activity helps evaluate the adoption of new measures.

Implement security measures

Add the measures to the processing operations. You will find them in the record of processing as required by Art. 30 of the GDPR.

Get the right information

Identify people who manage the data in your company and invite them to collaborate. Evaluate their contributions with an approval workflow.

Export to Word or Excel

Make the record of processing available to the supervisory authority on request. You can export it in the format of your choice: Word or Excel.


Create and export privacy policies documents

Informs data subjects about methods, purposes and data retention. UTOPIA allows you to create privacy policies that are always up to date in a few clicks.

Create privacy policies quickly

Create and update privacy policies using data of existing processing activities.

Specify sources of data

Specify the origin of data: if obtained from the data subject or from other sources pursuant to Art. 14 of the GDPR.

Manage consents

Automatically add consent fields, manage signatures for acknowledgment even with parental responsibility.

Get ready-to-use documents

Create customizable, complete and easy to understand Word (.docx) privacy policies documents and make them available to data subjects.


Carry out the impact assessment

Conduct the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) whenever a processing activity presents a high risk. UTOPIA helps you to fully satisfy the principle of accountability.

Conform to EU standards

Follow the guided procedure for the compilation of the impact assessment. This is required by art. 35 of the GDPR and the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

Evaluate risks

Do not improvise. Use a consolidated and standard evaluation method based on the risk matrix. This is compatible with the European standard EN ISO 12100.

Perform periodic checks

Repeat the DPIA at regular intervals, assessing the suitability of the measures taken. You can choose review times with notifications within the application.

Merge processing activities

Save time by creating a single DPIA evaluation for multiple processing activities. Merge them by nature, scope, context, purpose and similar risks.


Track any kind of data breach

A powerful, reliable and fast tool. UTOPIA helps you to manage data breaches and to comply, when necessary, with the obligation to notify the Supervisor authority and data subjects.

Describe and analyse events

For each data breach, record the circumstances, consequences, and measures taken to correct them.

Track the data breaches

Keep track of any data breach as required by the art. 33 of the GDPR. By doing so, you will allow the supervisory authority to verify compliance.

Implement security measures

Satisfy the principle of accountability by indicating the solutions adopted to reduce possible damage caused by data breaches.

Get obligations reminders

Act in time. Communicate breaches to the Supervisory authority within the times foreseen by the regulation.


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