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Data lists
Use all the tools you need to collect, manage and organize organization's data.
Data processor
Data management and relationship with the controller
What are they and what are they for?
Personal data and contracts
What they are and how to map them
authorised persons
how to manage them
Organizational measures
Organization chart and company procedures
Register of processing activities
Build the register of processing activities from scratch or from existing templates.
Processing assessment
Risk calculation and assisted assessment
Personal data processing
Creation of new processing activity
Register of processing activities
Creation and management
Record exporting
Word and CSV format
sharing of processing
How do they work and to whom are they referred?
Personal data transfer
Third countries and international organizations
Record of processing template
When and how to use it
Register of privacy policies
Create, in just a few clicks, privacy policies that are always up to date and compliant with GDPR.
Privacy policy
Creation and export of the privacy policy
Register of data protection impact assessments
Carry out the data protection impact assessment whenever a processing presents a high risk.
Data protection impact assestment
Register of data breaches
Manage data breaches and comply, when necessary, with the obligation to notify the Guarantor and data subjects.
Personal data breach
What they are and how to manage them
Dashboard and privacy score
Find out how to keep track of progress and improve compliance with the privacy score.
Dashboard and Privacy score
Data completion rate and privacy score
Domain settings
Learn how to manage and customize your user experience.
Management and authorizations
Personal account
Profile picture and password
Subscriptions, billing and payment methods
Find out what plans we offer, how billing works and which payment methods we accept.
When and how do I get my invoices?
How does it work and what it includes
How does it work and how do you purchase it
Safety and reliability
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